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Homeschool Planner

I have purchased quite a few Homeschool Planners.  One of the things that I am always disappointed in is the layout.  I have a duplex printer (a printer that will print on both sides of the page) that we purchased to save on paper.  When I open these great planners they are not set up to print from start to finish in duplex mode.  I can print in duplex mode but the planner pages do not line up to have the lesson planning pages on the two page spread that they were intended for and on many I have to make numerous copies of the lesson planning pages.  Has anyone else noticed this??  Well if you have also had this disappointment look no further!

**Note:  You do not need a duplex printer for this Homeschool Planner.  If you print all the odd pages first (including the cover) then put your paper back into the printer to print all the even pages on the other side.  Make sure to try flipping your paper with another document first to know which way to place the paper back into your printer.**

Introducing Moments with April's Homeschool Planner!!!
You can open this document, print from start to finish, place your Homeschool Planner in a binder or spiral bind it, and away you go.  You can choose to print only parts of the Homeschool Planner using your duplex option and still waste NO paper!
I really tried to bring as many planning pages to the Homeschool Planner while not making it overwhelming.  I have purchased planners with hundreds of pages that I end up not using at all because I can not decide what to use.

Features of the Homeschool Planner pages:
  • Contact Information
  • State Requirements
  • Days of School Record
  • Resources
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Daily Schedule
  • Two Page Spread Lesson Plans
  • Booklists
  • Blank Note Pages
  • Blank Monthly Planners
  • Grade Recording Pages

Many of the forms in the Homeschool Planner are very versatile.  Below is a detailed explanation of each of those forms and ideas to use them.  I am sure you will be able to come up with even more options than I have!

State Requirements
  • Hours
  • Days
  • Subjects
  • Records

Days of School
  • 1st Day of School
  • Last Day of School
  • Total # of Days
You can also use this to keep track of your hours each day.

  • Subjects
  • Curriculum
  • Purchased
You can use this form during your planning time for each of your children and your family studies.  Then when you have decided what curriculum resources you will be using you can add in the pages you were using to plan on or choose to only add in the final choices onto a new page to keep in your planner.

Weekly Schedule
  • 10 blank subject areas
  • Day 1-5 across top
Here you can plan out which subjects you would like to complete each day of your week.  You can print multiple copies for each of your children as well as a family copy or both.

Daily Schedule
  • 10 blank time slots
  • 4 name boxes
Again you can print out numerous copies for each child and one for the family or both.

*** Print pages 9-10 in duplex mode to have the Weekly and Daily Schedule front and back for your planning sessions.***
Lesson Planning Pages
You will receive two files when you purchase the Homeschool Planner.  One has blank lesson planning pages and one has the lesson planning pages filled in.

Blank Lesson Planning Pages
  • 2 page spread
  • 5 blank boxes on left
  • 10 blank boxes on top
  • Week # box

Left hand page.

Right hand page.

This is one of the most versatile areas of the Homeschool Planner.
Ideas for the 5 blank boxes are using them for the subjects, days of the week 1-5, days of the week Monday-Friday, or use them to track each school day 1-180 etc.
Ideas for the 10 blank boxes are using them for the subjects, or your children's names.   You may choose to interchange one of the ideas above as well.
You may choose to fill in the Homeschool Planner before you start school or use it as a record book as you go.  The options are totally up to you!

Filled-in Lesson Planning Pages
  • 2 day spread
  • Day 1-5 down left
  • Subjects & Supply List across top

  • Blank booklists
You can use this Homeschool Planner page for each child's booklist for the year, or for each subject, or a combination of both.

Blank Note Pages
  • Lined blank pages
Oh the options...use this Homeschool Planner page for notes, phone numbers, co-op information, next years plans, etc.  I have placed a few blank note pages throughout the beginning of the planner to help with the lay out.  You will also find two blank pages in the back of the planner so that you can print them with your duplex printer and place them anywhere in your Homeschool Planner.

Blank Monthly Planner
  • blank calendar layout
  • blank for current month

You may want to use this Homeschool Planner page for your field trips taken throughout the year, as a family calendar, or for a month at a glance planning.  You will find two pages in the back of the Homeschool Planner to allow for the duplex option.

Grade Recording Pages
  • 20 blanks across
  • Name/Subject blanks down left
I purposely made this Homeschool Planner page very simple so that based on what you need to record for your state or your chosen curriculum, you can customize it to your family's needs.

As you can see by the Homeschool Planner pages above and their descriptions there are many options for you to really make this planner your own.  I hope you find this to be the last Homeschool Planner that you have to purchase.

Enjoy your planning!!!
The Homeschool Planner is for your personal family's use only.  Please do not share the files or link.  Thank you!

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