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June 19, 2013

More History Books and A Confession

I wanted to share the rest of my history booklist for the overview of history that I was talking about previously.  But I have a confession...

I don't know that I am going to be following my history plan anymore.  Yikes!

You can see the Creation booklist here.  The four other history time periods that I was planning are Ancient Egypt/Greece/Rome, Middle Ages,Renaissance & Reformation, and American.

Ancient Egypt/Greece/Rome History Booklist

  • Pyramid by David Macaulay
  • The 5,000 Year Old Puzzle
  • Tirzah
  • Trojan Horse
  • Aesop for Children
  • City by David Macaulay

Middle Ages History Booklist
  • Leif the Lucky
  • Sword in the Tree
  • Castle
  • Cathedral
  • Apple and the Arrow
  • Ministrel in the Tower
  • Medieval Feast
  • Door In the Wall
Renaissance & Reformation History Booklist
  • William Shakespeare and the Globe
  • Whipping Boy
  • Ink on His Fingers
  • Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World
  • Starry Messenger
  • Beggers Bible
  • Bible Smuggler
American History Booklist
I had a few extra books that I had picked up from curriculum sales but was going to read through the Adventures In America booklist again hitting the books that we did not get to this year.

The reason we are rethinking our history plan is because of the ages of our children and the topics we may hit on.  Back to prayer and research.


  1. Anonymous6/30/2013

    I just commented on an earlier post of yours comparing HOD and MFW. I now see that you wrote that a year ago. Did you decide not to use HOD? Thanks for your insight. Polly

  2. I have gone away from HOD because of wanting to keep my children together and not use numerous guides. I also wanted more freedom. I had a hard time with the layout of HOD. I like to know what is coming in order to feel comfortable enough to change things. I wasn't able to do that with HOD because of the very detailed boxes and daily layout verses a weekly layout. I LOVE the look and idea of HOD but just found that when it came down for me to follow HOD it just wasn't working.

    As you can see if you have read my posts I am still struggling through finding exactly what is going to work for our family. I may at some point look at HOD again for the history/science/read aloud portions but for now we are going to branch out.