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August 6, 2012

Our Homeschool Room

Our "school room" is a large area in our basement.  I love that I have the space to organize everything.  Being downstairs does make it a little harder to make school just part of our day but for now that is where we do our homeschooling.
We have moved our school room around the house in the past.  We have set up space in our dining area (not a dining room just a table 3 feet from the kitchen counter) and also in the living room.  Our ranch style home is 1400 square feet and the master bedroom is at least a third of that so it is a bit tight for living space.  I am very thankful that we finished part of the basement because this family of soon to be 7 definitely can use the added space.

This is our Calendar Time wall.  We have two large maps, a calendar, weather and season charts, our flag, coins, our address and phone number, 911 emergency number, skip counting, math posters, and a chart of colors with their Spanish words behind them.
The kids normally fight over (gasp my kids fight!) who gets to move the today marker and read through everything.  I was a bit tired of trying to keep it all balanced and everyone happy.  This year we are trying something new.  I have four kids until the end of October so each has their own day.  They help me in the kitchen on that day too.  So Monday is Spud's day to help with the Calendar Time, Tuesday is Lady's, Wednesday is A-man's, and Thursday is Baby O's.  Eventually we will give the new addition Friday.  No reason to leave a day open and let them fight about that one. ;)

Opposite of this wall is a wall with three large bookshelves and a dresser.  My picture was too large to upload and I'm sorry I didn't figure out how to make it smaller.  So imagine a wall full of curriculum and dresser full of paper and art supplies.  I finally was able to take time to organize the bookshelves and am happy to say I now know what we have!

This is where the three oldest kids have their desks and workboxes.  The wall was a bit tight so I had to get creative of how I could place them all in that area.
Above them on the wall is our new timeline, aka piece of ribbon stapled to the wall.  Eventually we will have some cards on the timeline.
Above the time line is a dollar store find that is the alphabet for a bulletin board which I decided would be a nice reference on our empty wall.
You can see a couple of the bookshelves I was talking about on the left.

Next you have my mess er I mean desk.  No matter how many times I organize and clean it off I am constantly having it turn into this again.  Oh well, it looks like I am busy right? ;)
On the left side of my desk (looking at it) are a couple bookshelves with our science and FIAR picture books.  On the right side is the kids computer that for now they mainly use for
The little white table isn't being used at the moment that is in front of my desk other then holding my overflow.
The marker board is for a fun activity and is magnetic for when we use magnetic letters for spelling.

To the right of the kids computer is our family room area.  It is also the play area with most of the kids toys.
I hope you enjoyed a little tour of our school room!

Where do you homeschool?  Do you have a room/area/table/couch? 
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