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June 16, 2012

It's A......

Two cute little baby feet!

We had our ultrasound on Wednesday night.  I was 20 weeks according to my dates and the ultrasound showed the baby to be right on size for those dates.

This is looking at a side profile of our baby. On the left is a hand touching the baby's forehead. You can see one eye and nose right above the baby's other hand. There isn't really a hole in the baby's head it is just where the tech took away part of the placenta in picture to see the baby better. Just in case you were worried. :)

It is so reassuring to have an ultrasound and see that your baby is growing and healthy.  So I know you all are wondering since I was much more sick at the beginning of the pregnancy was I right to think we may add another girl to our family??

Nope!  It's a BOY!!!

God has decided to bless our family with one girl and four boys.  She will be picked on protected from all sides with four brothers.

We are so thankful that he is doing well, Mommy is feeling good, and that everything looks great to have him at home.  Now to come up with some boys names hmmm......
So did you guess right???  Also, if you have any boys names please share!!!

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