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January 18, 2012

Work At Home: LiveOps Part 2

In part one of getting started working for a virtual call center, LiveOps, I left off waiting to receive an email from LiveOps once they received my completed contract.  I received that email which gave me my log-in information for their online system.

When you first log-in you go directly to your training page.  Here you read information and watch presentations on different aspects of LiveOps and then you have to take there corresponding quiz.  Don't worry if you are not the test type you get to take it over and over until you pass! :)

After you have completed the basic information for LiveOps and the corresponding quizzes you then move on to read information on certain companies that you will be answering calls for.  This was a little more confusing because you are reading scripts to yourself out loud and looking at all the possible questions someone could ask you about the product, but you are not actually having a conversation with someone.  It was hard for me not to have the back and forth conversation.  My tip here, it is OK, surprisingly it will all come together fairly easily in the end.

Once you have completed all the company specific quizzes you now are ready to take calls!  You are????  That was my feeling about being ready to take calls.  Last night was my first attempt.  After the first call there was no turning back!  Yes there was a bit of slowness on my part as I did get familiar with finding and answering certain questions but surprisingly like I said before it does all come together.  These seven calls I was able to take last night (in about two hours) were the beginning of my "training calls".  You have 30 calls that you need to make within that 30 day period, which started when you received your log-in information.

Now whenever I am reading information looking at work at home opportunities I always wonder can you really make decent money or any for that matter with what they are telling you.  So for anyone out there looking into the LiveOps opportunity I will give you that extra information that you are looking for!  Remember LiveOps will pay you .25/minute that you are on the phone and there are some incentives with up sells and certain products.  So last night for about 2 hours of my time and seven calls (so you are not on the phone necessarily the whole time) I invoiced LiveOps today for $27.04 which consisted of $1.15 incentives, or more then the .25/minute.  I am very happy with this for my first time ever taking calls!  It ended up being about $13.52 an hour.  So yes anyone like me who is really wondering what .25/minutes would add up to with the variables of how much you are actually on the phone, now you have at least one example.  As I keep going I will update how much I am making for those who would like to know this information.

To conclude the set up and training for starting a business with LiveOps, a virtual call center, I would have to say this has been a minimum cost start up for a quick return of income producing activity.  The start up costs will most likely be paid for by the time I have completed the 30 training calls.  If you think LiveOps is something you may be interested in I would say try it!  You don't know until you try and there is a minimum time commitment where you recoup your upfront costs.  Good luck in your ongoing pursuit to work from home!

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