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January 22, 2012

ABC Handwriting Book

I wanted to share an ebook that I put together for my kids to make learning to write their ABCs a little more fun.  It has hollow letters to trace in upper and lower case, the handwriting lines to practice copywork of those letters, and then a place to draw a picture that starts with that letter.  You could also get a few different packs of stickers from the $1 store to put on your drawing area if your child is not ready to draw the picture.
Again, because I like to use my duplex printer it is set up so that you can print the whole document on two sides of paper.  If you just want to print off one letter at a time, for instance if you are using a certain phonics program and you want to match your handwriting page with the letter you are introducing, you can do that too.

I do have to apologize that all the lines do not line up in this document, which is driving me CRAZY!!!  I hope you all won't mind that I decided to just leave it as is instead of spending more time working on it.
Please use these however you would like in your homeschool.  If you have friends that would like to use these as well please send them here to download them.


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