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A little about April...

I am blessed to be the mommy to five blessings, a wife to an awesome husband, and a born-again believer working towards Christ-likeness.  I am a stay at home, homeschooling mom, and plan to homeschool my children through high school.  

I did not grow up believing this would be a "good" career to have.  In the world's eyes you should be successful, make lots of money, and... oh ya have a couple kid. (not five!)  God has changed my heart to believe and know that there is nothing more important then the career He has given me.  Nothing I can, or will do on this earth is more important then to raise my beautiful children.  Not saying being successful financially is bad!  We are striving for just that, groceries get expensive for a family of seven!

Let me in you in on a little secret, I am not perfect!  Ok, now you know.  The blog-o-sphere (I made that word up) shows only a small part of someone's life.  Behind these posts are toys all over the floor, baskets of laundry to fold, and dirty dishes on the counter.  I am a work in progress!  I have to ask God daily (ok hourly) for the patience not to yell at my children, perseverance to get done today what He wants me to get done (or just to get through the day), and wisdom to remember to smile and enjoy these moments!