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October 31, 2013

Christian Light Education - Math

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Tristan, at Our Busy Homeschool, is starting a new weekly post about something that is working in her homeschool.  She has invited anyone who would like to link up to do so.

I wanted to share something that is currently working in our homeschool, Christian Light Education's Math.  We started out using this Math with Spud in 1st grade.  Now both Lady and Spud are using it.

It has not always been smooth sailing.  Spud especially had a hard time with the amount of work required or more so the amount of pages.  It is amazing that a one page worksheet with problems on both sides with actually more math problems seems like less work.  How is that possible?  Well with Spud it seemed to be possible.

I researched other curriculum... Rod & Staff, Abeka, Math U See, Teaching Textbooks, Singapore... I have a few on my shelves that I tried for a day or two but I always came back to CLE.  I like the teacher's manual, I like how it is taught, and Spud was understanding it.

How To Fix the Too Many Pages Problem

So the problem was really the amount of pages, not the math itself, or the amount of work.  In CLE daily they have a new section and then an I Can Do This, or We Remember section.  I found that if I split up the lesson (yes obvious answer but I have a hard time with the obvious) that he would not feel overwhelmed with the work.

First, during his independent work time when he did his handwriting, and calendar, I would have him complete the I Can Do This section from the day before.  Then, when we would get together for math we only had the new section of the next lesson to complete.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

I am happy to report now that we are on the next level of CLE Math, which has even more pages, Spud is able to complete the whole lesson without splitting it up.  I think maturity and confidence in his abilities has helped.

So what about Lady?  How is she taking to CLE Math?  Well let's just say that if it is a worksheet she is in LOVE!  She starts her work before breakfast and does not like to wait for me to complete the rest of it with her.  She would love more to do!

So what is working in your homeschool?  
Any curriculum you particularly like even if having to tweak? 

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  1. April, aren't kids funny? I can see a few of mine thinking it would be better to do one page with more problems than two pages with fewer. I love your solution! I think it can be really hard to let go of the 'do it all in one sitting' mentality for math pages. I know I have struggled with it before.

    And I love that your daughter loves worksheets - I've had one child like that too.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Tristan! I love your blog and so excited to link up with it!!