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July 12, 2013

Animal Masks

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I love to do crafts but with 5 kiddos 7 and under I don't really like to do crafts if you know what I mean.  ;)  Spud found in our 365 Things to Make and Do book this cute felt mask craft.  I am trying to be a "yes Mom" so of course what do you say when one of your children wants to make felt masks...SURE honey!

Of course when one does something...three more need to too.  We have an owl, monkey, and then mommy got tired of crafting and ended up with two zebra (kind of).  Everyone was happy and excited so mission accomplished!

Little man is not old enough yet to demand his own (thank you!) but Spud thought he should try being our little monkey.  Ohhh, isn't he so cute!!!

Are you a YES Mom???

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