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June 4, 2013

Trim Healthy Mama Eating: What I Want To Include Daily

You can read my first Trim Healthy Mama post where I share a VERY brief idea of what the 600+ book's eating plan is and a partial week eating on that plan.

After reading more of the book (no I am still not done) I have a list of some food items that I would like to incorporate into my meals everyday.  The health benefits from these items are AMAZING!  You will want to read about it in chapter 17.

My Must Haves on a Daily Bases List

  • Green Tea
  • Flaxseed
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • Berries
  • Glucomannan
  • Whey Protein
  • Coconut Oil
  • Chocolate!
Yes all of these food items are on the YOU CAN EAT list of the Trim Healthy Mama plan.  Even CHOCOLATE!

So how do I plan to add in these food items everyday?  I'm glad you asked!

Green Tea will be my drink of choice for breakfast.

Flaxseed is a little trickier but if I am focused on getting it in one of my snacks it will be no problem.  If all else fails I plan to toss a bit into my smoothie or frappe and push it over to an "S" instead of an "FP".

Nutritional Yeast will be oh so good on some butter dripping popcorn... oh wait... popcorn is not part of the plan, April!  Ok focus I will add nutritional yeast to my evening meal most likely.  Experimenting here I come!

Berries will be in my Cottage Berry Whip (pg 379) or in my smoothies.  Berries where have you been all my life!!!

Glucomannan... I will be forced to have a Frappe (pg 241) on a daily basis, how sad.

Whey Protein is added to the Frappe or Smoothie to up the protein content.  My body has to be so happy finally getting more protein.

Chocolate will be made with Coconut Oil (Skinny Chocolate pg 371) to give me my chocolate fix for the day.  I may just count the chocolate in the Frappe or my Chocolate Pumpkin Oatmeal that I am such a fan of.  Or even better all three would make a perfect Chocolate day!! :)

What healthy ingredients or foods do you try to include on a daily basis???

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  1. I would add one more - Greek yogurt. I eat it every. single. day. :-)
    You CAN have popcorn on the plan - air popped with nutritional yeast - about 4 or 5 cups as an E snack. Hooray!!!
    Thanks for linking up at Trim Healthy Tuesday!!

  2. Anonymous6/06/2013

    I love all those things, and greek yogurt too! I like to put nutritional yeast on my salad.

  3. Anonymous11/11/2013

    Yes totally - Eggs and yogurt are a must for us! A lean ground turkey too - use it in lots of dinners.