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March 29, 2013

Homeschool Thoughts: History

I am having a hard time deciding what to do for the 2013-2014 school year for history with Spud who will be a 2nd grader and Lady who will be a 1st grader.  A-man will tag along more next year than he has been this year being in 4K.

What We've Been Using for History

We ended up doing Adventures in America from Elemental History this year along with reading books that we have on our bookshelf.  We didn't follow it exactly and didn't read all of our books.  So what did we do you are asking... well we did read the information from AIA, we did do some of the crafts, we did some of the coloring pages, and we did read some of the extra books I had on the bookshelves.

I have found that curriculum that I can pick and choose from works best for our homeschool for right now with the dynamics of our family.  I like to be able to just do the next thing but not feel guilty if we don't do exactly what they say the next thing is.  Wow, writing that last sentence shows just what kind of crazy thinking I am having...are you laughing yet because I am!


I didn't end up following the Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory guide this year.  Will I be able to or want to follow HOD's guide?  I honestly don't know.  As we know I LOVE the looks of HOD and then the follow through and application in our family just doesn't happen.  Will my weekly grid format work for using it more like a booklist and less like a master?

  • Compile a booklist of picture books for an overview of world history.
I really like the idea of touching on numerous topics in history.  I think it would be fun and interesting to read about pyramids, knights, castles, and cowboys.  I may have trouble keeping from getting carried away with what books to read...we wouldn't want to miss any!  Would I follow what I had written as a plan?  Sometimes I seem to lay everything out all nice and organized and then boycott my plans.  Anyone else stubborn like that?
I LOVE the price of their handbooks, $10.95 for a download.  I don't know that I love their books that are scheduled.  I could add in more books but then is the handbook worth it or would we just be doing our own thing?
Many of the books in the package we have read this year so I don't know that it is worth purchasing.  I know that there are many books in the book basket list...
I really don't know that much about Vertias Press but have started looking at them and like "some" of their book choices.  I am thinking/wondering if the cards would be a good spine verses using a spine book.  I kind of like the idea of memorizing the information to have something for the kids to be familiar with as we are reading about different time periods.
At some time I will definitely be purchasing one of their kits.  I am waiting until I decide more what I want to do before spending the money.  This is exactly what I want for the "hands-on" component for our family.  With so many littles I don't have time to gather a bunch of supplies myself.  Just give me the box to open! :)


  • If we study something other then American History are the kids going to retain the information?
  • If we do our own thing will we want to jump into a packaged curriculum sometime in the future?  Will this mess things up?
  • Why do all these companies have such a large history focus???  Do we need or want to focus on history to the extent that they do?

What We Want

Someone suggested decide what you want your history cycle or progression to look like and then find something each year to match that.  Ok, I think it is time I really nail down what we want for our family.  Who am I kidding I can't nail down anything!  My crazy brain decides on something different every half hour.  Could it be the five blessings screaming um playing obnoxiously I mean making beautiful noises around me doesn't allow me to think things through??

So what do you think????  
What are you using for history this year?  Next year?  
Anyone?  Help???


  1. Anonymous3/31/2013

    We've done Beautiful Feet - Ancient History and Medieval History the past two years and will probably do American History next year. Our homeschool group is having a meeting tomorrow night (Apr. 1) at church about "Looking Back, Moving Forward" on what curriculum worked/didn't work this past year. You are welcome to attend.

  2. I would have loved to come but had plans with the family. You will have to let me know what I missed on Sunday.