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June 11, 2012

Homeschool Curriculum Resources 2012-2013

It feels so weird writing 2013!  I still seem to be behind a year...anyone else??

I told you a week or so ago about our core curriculum for the year for Spud and Lady.  Well forget that plan.  I don't know about you but my homeschool planning takes me through many different changes just when I think I have things figured out.  The reason I chose to not use BLHFHG as our main curriculum is because I wanted my kids to stay together for a lot of their learning.  I don't think it would have been too difficult to use it with both Spud and Lady but I was concerned about future years.  I may use some of it after using the below plans so that we will hit the next guide when they are both a little older.  I really LOVE the look of Heart of Dakota's curriculum but I am not sure if the very specific skill set will end up working for our family.

So without further ado here is the list of our 2012-2013 Curriculum Resources that we will be using for Spud and Lady.  I do not want to bounce around this year from different curricula so this is it.  (I think.  Ok, I do allow myself the grace to change but this is the plan starting June 11th for our new school year.)

Update after our first day of school...I think we will not completely rule out Heart of Dakota's Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory.  We struggled through math with Spud even though he is a total math whiz and the idea of very short lessons from BLHFHG sounds very appealing.  Our phonics is tough but I like that it is thorough and the kids are actually learning from the hard work.  So having two subjects that are really stretching Spud may not be a good idea.  We also used the history, history activity, and story time from BLHFHG as well....what was I saying above about grace - yikes- it has only been a day!

2012-2013 Curriculum Resources

Spud - 1st Grade

Lady - Kindergarten

Family Subjects

In the next few weeks I will be posting our homeschool:
  • Room/Area
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Daily Schedule
  • My Homeschool Planner

How are your plans for your 2012-2013 Homeschool year going???

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