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June 12, 2012

Easy Lasagna

Easy Lasagna

12 lasagna noodles
1 lb hamburger/ground turkey/venison
1 onion
1-2 jars spaghetti sauce
1 container cottage cheese about 2 cups
3-4 cups mozzarella cheese
garlic or garlic powder

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
For the lasagna noodles I use the kind that you do not have to precook to save time and dishes.  If you need to precook your noodles do that now while you saute your onions, garlic, and hamburger/ground turkey/venison.  I have used all three and they all taste great in this lasagna!  Add your basil to your meat mixture.
Take a 9x13 glass pan and layer three lasagna noodles the long way and break one to fit the short way filling in the top.  Pour sauce over you noodles to cover.  Layer half of the meat mixture over the sauce.  Spoon half of the cottage cheese over the meat mixture.  Sprinkle one-third of your mozzarrella cheese over the cottage cheese.
Repeat the layers.
Add one more layer of noodles, sauce, and top with remaining cheese.
Cover with foil and bake for 1 - 1 1/4  hours at 350.  Remove foil from pan 10 minutes to brown cheese on top.
Let set for 5-10 minutes to allow everything to set up.

Serve with a side salad and enjoy!

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