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June 12, 2012

Chicken Stir Fry

Chicken Stir Fry

1 large boneless skinless chicken breast
16 oz package green beans
1/2 cup soy sauce
2-3 Tb cornstarch
2 cups water
garlic powder
olive oil
2-4 cups cooked brown rice

Cut up your chicken into bite size pieces.  Pour your olive oil into a deep frying pan or wok (on my wish list).  Saute your chicken in olive oil until no longer pink.  Sprinkle garlic powder on to taste.
Pour frozen green beans, soy sauce, and water into pan.  Bring to a boil.
Mix your cornstarch with 2 Tb COLD water to make a paste.  When your water/soy sauce mixture is boiling add in your cornstarch mixture and stir.  Your sauce should now be thickening up nicely.
You can taste test the sauce to see if you would like more soy sauce added or more water.  If you need or want a thicker sauce just mix up a little more cornstarch with COLD water and add a little bit at a time to the boiling mixture until you reach the consistency you like.
Serve over your cooked brown rice.


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