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June 27, 2012

Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory Weekly Check-off Page

I really like Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory from Heart of Dakota but the "boxes" drive me crazy!  I am much more a grid format kind of gal.  It would not work out to write the whole lesson plans into a grid because Carrie, the author, has so many helpful notes/tips for each box.  So I came up with another idea that will help me to know where we are at for the week without having to re-write the whole lesson plan book.

So the beauty of this (at least in my mind) is that we can go at the speed we need for each area of study in Beyond Little Hearts and then I can evaluate at the end of the week.  The reason I always like the grid layout is that I can double up on certain days or skip an assignment that doesn't fit in without feeling guilty.  For whatever reason I feel guilty if I skip anything because it is all so detailed on one page.  Then I am worried about how much we are actually doing and I don't even want to continue.  When I check off the circles each day I can visually see where we are at for the week.  If we do decide to skip an activity I will know that I read through the activity and felt that it would not be detrimental to my children if we skipped it.  Ahaaaa, no guilt!

My BLHFHG Weekly Check-off Page

I added in an area for extra books that I have on our bookshelves that I would like to add to that weeks readings, whether it be history or science.  I have also listed some extra Charlotte Mason enrichment studies that are not in the Beyond manual.

We use a different math and phonics program then Heart of Dakota uses in Beyond but I only have circles (no boxes here!) ;) to check off for each day we complete those subjects.  I also think that if we decide to add a different science curriculum that I can easily still just have the two days/two circles to mark off for science.

You can download the BLHFHG Weekly Check off Page.  I hope it helps all you fellow week-at-a-glance lovers out there!!

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