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May 9, 2012

Menu Planning: How Do You Do It?

I have tried the once a month plan, the bi-weekly plan, the weekly plan, and the plan it as you go plan.  All of them have positives and negatives for me.  One thing I do know is I NEED a plan!  When I don't have a plan for some reason nothing gets cooked or at least nothing very good and we order in not so healthy options.
I am sure because of our "news" I have been slacked at my menu planning.  What's a girl to do when everything that you can think of just doesn't sound good??
Ok, so what is my plan.....well I am still a little undecided.  I think my plan is two plans!  First I have tried before without quite following for long copying the idea from Passionate Homemaking.
These are pretty much the basic steps that I will be taking:
  1. Pick themes for each day of the week.
  2. Pick 3-4 meals for each of those themes.
  3. Rotate through those meals each month.
With this plan you can change out recipes for new ones really whenever you would like but it gives you a base to start from (or fall back on).  You can see that when you have four meals for each theme you have automatically made up four weeks worth of menus.  I want to keep things simple but at my house we don't like to have the same thing all the time so I think once or twice a month has a nice variety.
I also would like to get our breakfasts and snacks on more of a schedule, I think.  I love the idea of the schedules, I like the look on paper, how everything fits so perfectly, but then I get involved. ;)  The strictness of the schedule seems to bring out the rebel in me.  Ok, sorry for the off topic on scheduling, that is another post.
Back to breakfasts and snacks, I will do one of two options.  Option one, make out a daily schedule based on the day of the week for breakfast, AM snack, and PM snack.  Option two and much more likely, make out a list of possible breakfasts and snacks to make sure to have on hand.
So how do you menu plan?  Do you make your decisions before hand so that you don't have to think about it throughout the week or do you wing-it?

Leave a comment and let me know.  I love to hear how others are making meals in their homes!

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