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January 16, 2012

Living Books Curriculum: Free Charlotte Mason Resources

Living Books Curriculum has started giving away free resources to their subscribers, weekly they have a CM Helper.  This week I just received a free 16-week Composer Study on Bach, all laid out for me.  Love it!
They are a very generous company and I wanted to invite you to sign up for them here if you haven't heard of them or gotten the chance yet.  (I am not receiving anything if you sign up.  I just wanted to pass along the freebies!)
From Living Books Curriculum:
Sign up for our latest newsletter that provides you with an ebook or audio each week to add to your homeschool library, at no cost. We will also occasionally give you an opportunity to support our work in Africa through special offers, such as we did with the CM Helper Sale.
Sign up today and receive your first free download immediately.
Look what you’ll receive!  
  • The Extraordinary Cat and Other Stories (MP3), four stories performed by a professional storyteller (ahem, your truly).
  • Storytelling: A Creative Teaching Strategy, a 20-page guide with story activities for each recorded story and a print version of the stories for reading aloud.

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