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January 10, 2012

How We Fit in the "Extras" in Our Homeschool

I love the idea of including poetry, lots of read alouds, and memory work.  How do you do it with young ones without adding extra hours to the day??  Here is what we have started doing that is helping...
At Snack Time
  • Read the poem for the day.  You can find a list here.  You can also download my printable here.
  • Have the kids recite their memory verse (or other memory work).
At Lunch Time
  • Read 1-2 picture books.
  • Read the chapter in Proverbs which corresponds to the day of the month.
You may have to eat after the kids or read in between bites but I can tell you it is worth it!  Not only do I feel like we are covering parts of schooling that are sometimes forgotten but it is so easy and painless to get them in.  Also, the table time is much more peaceful when the kids have something to focus on besides trying to touch whoever is closest. :)
Whatever those little things that you are finding hard to fit in, try them at another time of the day that you haven't considered before.  You may find a perfect fit to get the extras in!

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