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January 27, 2012

Homeschooling Daily Schedule 2011-2012

I shared what we will be using for curriculum for the rest of the school year.  Now I want to share how we are going to do that on a daily basis.
I don't do well having everything timed out on our schedule.  I love the idea of being that controlled in our time but lets be real - there are little people in this house and they don't run with the clock!  Our schedule is more of a do this first then do this next schedule.  I do try to have our start time, snack time, and lunch time around the same time.

Our Daily Homeschooling Schedule
Start 9ish
Round 1
  • Prayer, Pledge, Calendar Board everyone.
  • Bible & Memory Verses everyone.
  • Get A-Man started on activities.  Spud and Lady handwriting.
  • Phonics with Spud and Lady.  A-Man continues with activities or puzzles.
Round 2
  • Math with Spud.  Lady and A-Man play or puzzles.
  • Math with Lady.  Spud and A-Man free time.
  • History or Science everyone.
  • Read Alouds
  • Chapter in Proverbs
  • Poem of the Day
Afternoon/After Rest-time
This is only one day a week most likely Friday.
  • Art
  • Foreign Language

During all of this Baby O is either taking a morning nap, if I can still get him to, or tearing apart the school area.  Our school "room" is in our basement and is next to the play area so I do try to keep Baby O in the safe zone of the play area.

What do your homeschooling days look like???

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