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October 31, 2011

Homeschooling...Where To Start

There are quite a few blogs out there that have great information on the "steps" to get started homeschooling.  They go something like this:

  1. Check your state laws and requirements for homeschooling.
  2. Look into the many methods of homeschooling and choose one that fits your families style.
  3. Look into curriculum that uses that method of homeschooling and make your purchases.

In theroy that is it!  Three steps and you are on your way.

Honestly, I followed these steps and I was NOT on my way. 

Number one, no problem.

Number two, the first half was fun but when I got to "choose one that fits your families style" I hit a wall.  I liked things from almost all of the methods of homeschooling!  Every book I read had great reasons to show why that method was "the" method.  Choose one???  Well I decided I wanted the best for my children.  I would simply add in the bits and pieces from each method and use them all.  Who has to choose just one, right??? 

Okay now to the best part of all, choosing curriculum.  Lets go shopping!!!  Hmmmm, what curriculum company do I look into that has the exact bits and pieces that I was pulling from these different methods?  NONE!  As any experienced homeschooler will tell you (which I am definitely not - at least not yet) there is NO perfect curriculum.   

So my advice is to back up and before you even look into number one...

Pray for God to lead you to the method/methods He wants you to use in your families homeschool. 

Pray that God will guide you to curriculum companies that have the type of curriculum that He wants you to use in your families homeschool.

Pray that when the curriculum that you have purchased and started using doesn't work out that He will guide you in tweaking or changing to another curriculum.

Now some may say that if you have prayed for the method and the curriculum that the last prayer there shouldn't be needed.  I would say what if God was using a curriculum to show you how your students learn?  What if that curriculum was to teach you what you as the teacher need in a curriculum? 

Somethings are only learned through experience.  You can read up on the method.  You can research the curriculum.  Read how others have liked or disliked it.  (Here is a great resource for reviews.)  In the end you have to use it with your children as your students and with you being the teacher.  Then and only then will you see if what you "thought" about the curriculum is true.

I am here to give you permission that when you start homeschooling, when you have done all the research and when you find that what you "thought" would work isn't, try something else.  You have not failed your children.  Your children will be learning through all of your curriculum trials and errors.  If you are truly seeking what God has for your family you will not be failing at all.  You will be growing and learning together as a family.

These decisions seemed like they should be easy enough but homeschooling is not easy.  Remember do not give up and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

(Check out the Resources page for some of my favorite used curriculum sites - just in case.*wink*)

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  1. Hi April!! Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment!! I answered your questions in my comment section, but just wanted to come by your blog, have a look around and let you know just in case you didn't get the answer in your inbox that it's up there!!
    I love finding other people in blogland who are in Wisconsin!!
    God Bless