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February 6, 2011

Work At Home Call Center Jobs

Work At Home:  Customer Service & Call Center JobsOne of the many things that you can do from home, that is legitimate, is working for a call center.  There are some companies that are looking to hire employees and some companies that will hire you as a sub-contractor.  You are responsible for the cost of your equipment and home office requirements with all of these companies.  Some of the companies require a fee for a background check once you are for sure going to be working for them.  The hour commitments vary from one company to another so be sure to check them out to see if it will work for your situation.

Here is a list of companies that I have personally looked into:
(information as of March 2009)

Live Ops - sub-contractor; $50 fee to finish hiring process
West At Home - employee; paid training
Convergys - employee; paid training; 16-40 hrs/week
Alpine Access - employee; $45 background check; paid hourly; paid training
Arise - be careful to read everything with this company - A LOT OF FEES!!!
Working Solutions - sub-contractor; $7.20 - $30 per hour
Custom Loyal - employee; paid training $8.00; 15 hrs/week minimum
ACD Direct - sub-contractor
Hire Point - employee; paid training; paid hourly; 20 hours/week minimum

With all work from home positions you need to be disciplined and organized.  You need to have an office area away from distractions and noise.  Good luck and happy job hunting!

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